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The Home Buying Process

When you finally make the decision to purchase a home, the next most important decision is to find a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the community you want to live in. Even more important is to engage a real estate agent who has the time to provide a thorough review of your wants and needs, and develop a comprehensive plan to find exactly what you are looking for. After all, this process is about you finding a place to call home.


Finding your Agent Partner

When you make the decision to purchase a home, the next most important step is to hire a local real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the community you want to live in. Susan will take the time to provide a thorough review of your wants, needs, and budget to develop a plan to find exactly what you are looking for in the timeframe that best works for you.


The Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation she will ask questions and listen thoughtfully to your responses to understand your specific needs for a home. At this meeting, Susan will also talk through the process of buying a home, including seller disclosures and the purchase contract. You will walk away from this meeting feeling confident and ready for the next steps!


Preparing for Your Purchase

At or after the initial consultation, Susan will provide you with a local mortgage lender contact that will best align with your goals. Working with a trusted lender who understands this truly unique market is key to our success. This strong team of prepared buyer, seasoned agent, and local lender will provide the best chance of a winning offer in this competitive environment. There is so much more to winning an offer than just offering a high price. Susan will demonstrate how she achieves this for her clients.


Finding Your Home

Once the initial consultation is completed and a pre-approval has been obtained, it is time to start looking for your home! Susan will customize this process keeping your wishes in mind. Using state-of-the-art listing alert and home search platforms, she will provide you automated daily access to homes that best match your preferences. She will also network with other agents to uncover listings coming to the market soon and homes that are available off-market that may be a great fit for you. In addition to visiting open houses on your own, she prefers to tour homes with you whenever possible to help uncover more of your preferences and to point out things you may not have noticed. Her familiarity with individual areas and types of homes will be a strong asset as you consider an offer for a home.

The Offer Process

Once you find the the home that is right for you, we will assist in preparing an offer for the home. The steps of this process involve some of the following activities:

Susan will obtain any pre-offer disclosures for the home and review these documents with you to help you understand all of the details. If anything in these documents causes you to need additional information, she will answer all your questions. Susan's goal is to ensure you are fully informed about the condition of the property prior to making any offer. She will also introduce herseld to the listing agent to develop a rapport, determine other buyer interest in the property, and uncover any needs the seller may have so we have an advantage over other buyers.

Susan will prepare sales comparables of home to help determine the true market value. In determining value for the home we will take into account the location, recent sales, any deferred maintenance, and any improvements required to make the home safe and livable.

Based on the condition of the home, the disclosures provided, your financial capabilities, the interest level in the home, and the seller requests, an offer strategy for the property will be determined. Once the strategy is in place, Susan will work with you to get all of the appropriate documents signed.

Sometimes this is done in person, but usually this is done over the phone and email. By this time, Susan will have had mulltiple phone calls and emails with the listing agent, helping to develop a strong rapport and strengthen your position on offer day.

If the seller accepts the offer you submit, you will be 'in contract' and the escrow process will begin. At times there will be some counter offer or further negotiation before a contract is accepted. Susan will counsel you through this process, keeping your goals and needs at the forefront.

Usually within 1 business day, you will need to wire 3% of your purchase price to the title company.

In the Bay Area, most contracts are written without contingencies. Contingencies can include making sure you can acquire a loan, that the home will appraise at the value needed for your loan, further inspections, etc. If you do have one, Susan will make sure this deadline is met.

One of the most improtant parts of the loan process is obtaining home insurance. You may also be required to carry flood, earthquake or fire insurance.

Within about 3 days of the close of escrow, Susan will do a walkthrough at the home with you to confirm it is still in the same condition it was when you originally purchased it.

After all loan documents are delievered to escrow, the title company will sechedue a "sign-off". This is where you sign all of the final paperwork for the loan and to purchase the house.

On the date of the close of escrow Susan will get confirmation of the recording at the County. Once this occurs she will coordinate to deliver keys to you and also provide any necessary utility information to transfer services. Congratulations!!

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